Fatman Cometh/World Of Wonder--Deluxe Edition

Fatman Cometh/World Of Wonder--Deluxe Edition

This new 2 CD Deluxe Edition Package contains 2 of Fats' out of print releases, "The Fatman Cometh" (2006) and "World of Wonder" (2010) PLUS Bonus Tracks. 24 Mostly Instrumental Tracks. Original and Traditional Tunes. Special Guests! Available NOW through Amazon and CDBaby.


This Is Pulp Country!

This Is Pulp Country

The original, critically acclaimed Pulp Country album. A "must have" for your collection. Very few copies left. Contact Pulp Country via email to get one of the last remaining copies.

  I Wonder as I Wander

I Wonder as I Wander

This beautiful album for the Christmas Season received such a wonderful response when originally released for the 2010 Christmas Season. "I Wonder As I Wander" is NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon. It is also available at and, of course, at iTunes. Half of these traditional and original songs are instrumentals and half feature Kristi Rose's vocals. Fats plays ALL the instruments.

Please check back for more information on European distribution.

  Fats Kaplin World of Wonder Down Under

World of Wonder Down Under

OUT OF PRINT. 10 Tracks. Traditional and Original Tunes. Special guests include Kieran Kane AND Kristi Rose sings on two tracks AND Fats sings on 2 Tracks!! A few copies still available through CDBaby. All tracks available through iTunes. AND all tracks included in Fats' NEW Deluxe Edition 2 CD Release. Check it out!

  Fats Kaplin The Fatman Cometh

The Fatman Cometh

OUT OF PRINT. This CD with original Hatch Showprint cover is looong gone. But all the tracks are included in Fats NEW Deluxe Edition 2 CD Release. Check it out! Also available at ITunes, Rhapsody, etc.

Kristi Rose -- Live in Holland

"Kristi Rose -- Live in Holland"

All tracks NOW available on iTunes. The actual CD is only available in the U.S. by contacting Pulp Country directly by email. This rare album was only ever available in the U.S. as an import. VERY FEW COPIES LEFT--and those are in the Pulp Country vault. "Kristi Rose -- Live in Holland" has received raves from fans who say it captures "Rose's spectacular voice", "killer band" and the the incredible intensity of a Pulp Country show.

This is how it was at Muziek Centrum Vredenburg in Utrecht, Holland when Kristi Rose, Fats Kaplin, Jack Silverman, Lorne Rall and Maxwell Schauf played at the Blue Highways Festival on 10 March, 2001. No overdubs, no additions, no big studio tinkering.

No sleep. No soundcheck. No problem. Thanks to all who bore witness.