"Kaplin's that rare master instrumentalist who doesn't need to show off his ability, preferring instead to add spice so that it blends into the musical mix."

"....a multi-instrumentalist of staggering talent..."

"...his face, like the shroud of Turin..."
The Fatman
Photography: Scott Sandeman-Allen


Deluxe Edition:

2 CD--Deluxe Edition retrospective album. Reissue of two long out of print albums, PLUS Bonus Tracks. Go to the CD Page to order your copy! Also available at iTunes and CD Baby and Amazon and so on.

Thanks to Jack Silverman and the Nashville Scene for these smart, thoughtful words:

"The career of a Nashville sideman and session musician can be a precarious endeavor — there's a continuous influx of newcomers gunning for your position, tastes are constantly changing, and the meltdown of the traditional music industry model means there are few dollars to go around. But somehow, Fats Kaplin is always in demand. It doesn't hurt that he's a fabulous and tasteful musician, or that he plays many instruments well. But there are other less tangible traits that contribute to the Kaplin mystique. He's such a thorough and passionate student of the roots of American music that he's a virtual encyclopedia (both stylistically and intellectually). Furthermore, he seems to have stepped out of another era, yet he's completely of the moment. That may help explain a fruitful career that's included work with everyone from The Judds, Manhattan Transfer and Pure Prairie League to Paul Burch, Jim Lauderdale and Buddy Miller, not to mention Kaplin's wife, the inimitable Kristi Rose. This year has been one of Kaplin's most exciting yet, including recording work with Tuareg band Tinariwen, Willie Nelson's 80th birthday party at Third Man Records, and most notably, a steady gig in Jack White's all-male band The Buzzards. Kaplin's solo projects are every bit as fascinating as that resume would suggest, and he's re-releasing two out-of-print albums, The Fatman Cometh and World of Wonder, on a double CD. Whether he's playing fiddle, mandolin, baglama, Dobro, six-string banjo or theremin, he's a captivating performer. If you're going for a long drive down a country road or scoring a moody Western, this may be the perfect soundtrack." —Jack Silverman

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